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#WhyWeProudOfLayZhang Trending di Twitter, Ini Kata-kata Netizen

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Update Untuk Postingan #WhyWeProudOfLayZhang Trending di Twitter, Ini Kata-kata Netizen dimana Pada #WhyWeProudOfLayZhang Trending di Twitter, Ini Kata-kata Netizen seam52 akan membahas seputar #WhyWeProudOfLayZhang Trending di Twitter, Ini Kata-kata Netizen.

#WhyWeProudOfLayZhang Trending di Twitter, Ini Kata-kata Netizen

Baru-baru ini, twitter dimeriahkan dengan sebuah hastag yang memberikan dukungan pada Lay, salah seorang anggota dari idol group bernama EXO. Apakah kamu salah satu yang menggaungkannya juga?

Kata-kata Netizen untuk Lay EXO

Lay EXO – Foto:

Inilah sejumlah kalimat yang ditujukan untuk Lay:

when he said “No one beat me down” he’s stating facts. he’s bigger than kpop itself. King

i don’t know how long we will be together in our lives but with the time we have right now, i’d like it if we had fun n we are happy – zhang yixing

Loyal, pure-hearted. You deserve everything that you are reaping now. You aint finished yet, right? The whole world awaits that gift. You. Show em all

We love you and we’re proud of you. Thank you for everything. Take care of your health and be happy please. EXO-Ls will always support you.

We love our super boy ❤

Please always be happy and healthy Smiling face with 3 hearts

We know how talented you are. You’re always trying to do better. You’re already on top.

He is Lay. The one who always keeps his promise & never stop to show how proud he is to be the member of EXO. We love you so much, Lay ge

Lay, We Miss You. Hurry back with EXO yes. I know you’re lonely without EXO. But I’m also proud, because what you aspired to finally achieveLoudly crying face. Thanks for sticking with EXO and EXO-L

Itulah sejumlah kata-kata dari netizen tentang hashtag #WhyWeProudOfLayZhang yang trending di Twitter.

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