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BTS Members Religion, ARMY Should Know about these Facts

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BTS Members Religion, ARMY Should Know about these Facts

Members of BangTan Sonyeondan (BTS) have a different religions or beliefs. But they can still look compact despite such conditions.

Then what are the BTS member religions? Anyone knows? If not, let’s look at the article below!

BTS Religion
Image source from Okezone

1. V BTS Religion

For V BTS itself has not been fully approved by believers V BTS is a Christian person.

This belief is evidenced by the song of praise for Christians in the list of songs. However, there are also those who think so V BTS does not understand the song in question is a compliment for Christians.

V BTS is indeed known as a mysterious figure, even to religious issues, the man whose full name is Kim Taehyung has a secret color.

2. Religion of RM BTS

In contrast to V BTS who kept their beliefs secret, RM on the other hand stated that he did not believe in the existence of God. RM claimed to be an atheist.

RM BTS has no religion and does not believe in any beliefs. Even so, RM BTS has never used a necklace bearing the cross, which according to everyone has a special religious meaning.

3. SUGA BTS Religion

Similar to RM BTS, Suga once said that he had no religion. This was conveyed by Suga BTS via upload on social media, Twitter.

Suga BTS first spoke about his own trip to Kobe, then agreed to thank the ARMY and then stated that he was an atheist.

4. BTS Jin Religion

More closely than V BTS, Jin until now closed the meeting about what religion or beliefs.

5. Jungkook BTS Religion

Never said about his religion, but Jungkook had attended one of the most popular high schools in Seoul, South Korea, namely SOPA.

The school which holds spiritual services every Wednesday afternoon is attended by Jungkook BTS. Before starting lessons in class, students also do QT or ‘quiet time’.

Then, Jungkook BTS also takes Bible teaching classes once a week. But so far, Jungkook BTS is known as a less religious figure.

6. Jimin BTS Religion

Hoping that BTS members don’t like the religion that is believed to spit on. Jimin BTS also did the same thing, Jimin never talked about what his religion was.

However, Jimin is a figure that is not too close to religion because Jimin determines whatever has been obtained from the hard work of the individual.

7. J-Hope BTS Religion

Even though J-Hope didn’t say what his religion was, he once said that he had faith in life and reality.

J-Hope explained that his belief was the best source of energy at the meeting.

That is information about BTS Member Religion that can be!

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